An international repository for young people to share positive experiences, ideas and sentiments.

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The principle aim for the site was for as much of the design and development to be realised by young people, with minimal input from their elders.

To that end, the site itself was designed and implemented by a student at Milton Keynes College. I was responsible for the overall project scoping and management. I also developed the front and back-end systems.

Bigdogwebs implementing jvectormap

Interactive Map

I edited jvectormap code to allow clickable, location-based searching, using database content.

The map itself retains all of the original mouse-based interactions for zooming and moving the map, however, the colours have been edited to work with the sites colour scheme and the coding of the countries has been edited so that they match the database referencing.

This was achieved by using PHP to extract the relevant data, which was then used by a JQuery script to produce the colouring and clickable areas.

User Registration

I created and implemented the user registration and log in processes, including the design of the necessary database tables.

The user registration process includes user verification by email and a reset password feature.

The log in process differentiates between administrators and regular site users and automatically redirects the user to the relevant facilities.

Bigdogwebs sign in feature
Bigdgowebs developed a multimedia upload feature

User Upload feature

I created an upload form for users to share their stories.

Users can choose to upload a text-based story, a poignant image or video to the site.

All uploaded content is then moderated by the site administrator, who approves it for inclusion into the site. Once approved, the uploaded content can be found within the appropriate categories in the site.

Once uploaded and approved, the stories, images or videos can be viewed by all visitors ot the site. I then created a simple site-specific 'like' system to allow some tracking of story popularity.